Piano Lessons

Lucy HandsEach piano lesson is tailored to the individual. I teach all abilities from the age of 6 upwards. If you are wondering if your child is ready for piano lessons, please email me for more information. I also teach adults of all ages and abilities.

I teach using the ABRSM syllabus (please click on the logo for more information), but abrsm-logotaking exams is entirely optional. I also teach ABRSM music theory up to grade 5. If you choose not to take exams, we can discuss repertoire and find suitable arrangements of any pieces you wish to play.

Further to developing piano repertoire, I also focus on technical ability (scales, finger exercises etc.) as well as aural skills and improvisation. I feel it is important to develop all these musical skills in order to become a confident pianist.

Finally, I like my students to develop an appreciation and love of music by listening to music and performing in front of an audience. At least once a year, my colleague Jasmine (a local woodwind teacher) and I organise a charity concert for our students. Please click here for more information.

If you have any further queries about piano lessons, please email me using the details on the contact page.